Well Working Matters - Sickness Policies

Sickness and Absence Policy

Employers should have good Sickness Absence Policies in place, giving employees clear directions of when and whom they should contact when they are unable to attend work.

Agreement should be reached that managers will make contact with employees whilst they are away from work, to discuss the absence and what the employer can reasonably do to help them return to work.

This should be carefully handled and not seen as harassment, but a willingness on behalf of the employer to assist the employee to return to work.

An employee’s sickness records should differentiate between disability related and non-disability related absences. The way absences are recorded should be regularly monitored to ensure that they are accurate.

The employee may be reluctant to disclose the real reason for a period of absence where there is a disability related to the cause.

Asking why the employee is off sick on each occasion however, gives your employee the chance to inform you about a disability and then discuss any adjustments.

The health and wellbeing of the workforce is crucial to running a productive business, so to have a good policy in place is crucial and shouldn't be overlooked.


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