Absence Management Services

Absence in the workplace can have a huge impact on your business. It affects staff morale, disrupts the work of the other employees, and reduces the quality of work productivity. The best way to control absence is to have an absence management plan in place.

Well Working Matters will provide you with dedicated absent management solutions to assist you and your business with the four step process.

sickness absence policy

Policies and Training of Line Managers

Employers should have good Sickness Absence Policies in place, giving employees clear directions when and whom they should contact when they are unable to attend work.

  • Good sickness absence policy in place
  • Helping employees return to work
  • Regularly monitored absences
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The Importance of Communication

Speaking to staff early in the absence is vital. If they are too ill to consider a return to work, knowing that they are being thought of at work is a boost in itself.

  • Communicate with employees
  • Encourage return to work
  • Keeping employees confidentiality
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importance of effective communication

return to work plan

Return to Work Action Plan

Employers and employees using the help of Well Working Matters can look at the barriers stopping the employee returning to work.

  • Absence management solutions
  • Undertaking relevant assessments
  • Elements in place for return to work
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Absence Management Evaluation

We all know that that the common cold, flu and stomach bugs are behind many employee absences, but there are many other things that make workers call in sick on a regular basis.

  • Employee absence management
  • Methods of recording absences
  • Reducing the length of absence
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