16 November 2015

Opening Up to Mental Health in The Workplace

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Opening Up to Mental Health in The Workplace

No matter what industry you are involved in there are business owners that have little or no knowledge of mental illness and how to deal with it in the workplace. With one in four of the UK population suffering from some kind of mental illness each year this is a worry.

A lot of staff members will not know that they have a mental illness and a lot of those that do will choose to hide the fact in fear of how it will affect the way their employer and/or work colleagues will act towards them. Having the correct knowledge and training in place for senior roles within the business will offer great benefits both to the business and for the workplace in general.

This doesn’t mean that business owners now need to be counsellors, but knowing how to deal with certain situations in the correct manner without making the people in question uncomfortable.

As we have mentioned in previous posts, the health and mental wellbeing of employees should be of the upmost importance to any business owner who want to see optimal productivity within the workplace. Smaller businesses may suffer hardest from staff absences and having the funds and resources to put wellbeing programmes in place, but there is still a lot that these businesses can do they need not cost anything.

Making yourself approachable to the subject of mental health with your employees, allowing them to comfortably discuss any issues they may have either at work or within their personal life without the fear of negative repercussions. This alone can have a positive effect on staff morale and can reduce the amount of absences.