Well Working Matters - Action Plan

Return to Work Action Plan

Employers and employees using the help of Well Working Matters can look at the barriers stopping the employee returning to work.

An employee health and wellbeing strategy is a core part of any absence management plan. Having information such as which members of staff have been off, why they were off and for how long can help you to plan for their return to work better.

If needed, Well Working Matters will undertake relevant assessments to understand what accommodations may be required to help with the return to work. These meetings will usually be carried out face to face as we feel this is the best way of achieving an understanding of the employee and indeed employers needs.

If the employer needs the help, Well Working Matters can order equipment through their preferred provider list, ensuring good prices and fast turn around times. Once all elements are in place a phased return to work plan can be set up, this will be with the full agreement of the employee and their GP, the employer and any other relevant party.

Well Working Matters will continue to work with all parties until the return to work has been achieved, or it has been agreed that no further progress can be made.


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